FESKE- Test- Module: "LPM 6000" (main electronic) for 8 magnet wire lines.

Installed at Italia Impianti enamelling machine.


H.V. Continuity Test - Electronic for enamelled wires

The satisfied customer is showing to the FESKE main electronic for 8 lines

inside the 19" rack are:    High Voltage Control unit for Spark- Test sensor, 
 Microcontroller for high speed fault- control,
                                    ALARM- contacts (Relay close the the no. of fault are to high)
                                    Meter- counter, Speed controll,
                                    Counter for Good and Bad test- lenghts,
                                  Inputs contacts: Change Spool, Meter signal, Speed
                                                                    integrated in the
 FESKE HVC- Sensor

                                    Connector for networking  with the PC

                                    Contacts for the external HVC- Test Sensor

Tested Quality from the Beginning to the End of Spool