The new HVC- Tester called the "FESKE IsoLINER 9002"


                                                                                               Made in Germany

Benefits of the NEW system:

  • The IsoLINER is able to detect holes and weak spot in the insulation during wire production by a drawingspeed up to 2000m/min.
  • No additional electronic, NO additional cases or high voltage cable are required.
  • All the electronic like HV- unit, Mikrocontroller is build inside the head.
  • The FESKE IsoLINER 9002 is a ultra fast pinhole- tester for speeds up to 2000m/min
  • Relay contact (integrated) close when the nos. of fault are to high.
  • The Isoliner detect also the speed, count the nos of meters of spool, etc.
  • Display with 20 LEDs on the top inform continuously the quality of enameled wire.
  • 1 PC can operate 128 IsoLINERs via Network. - Continous Wire Control 24h a day -

The new FESKE High Voltage Continuity Tester  (HVC -Tester) is working in Harmony with Magnet Wires since more than 25 years.

For a quotation please send us an e-mail with following information:

      1. Nos. of enamelling machines

      2. Nos. of lines per machine, VxD, Range of Wire, Round or FLAT wires

e-mail:               Tel. to Germany: +49/ 511/ 352 47 77           

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Bruno Feske