LPS 6000 called "Lackdraht Prüf System"  is our first High Voltage Continuity Tester (HVC- Tester) for Ín-Line production controll, we developed in the Year 1989

ALL components and  we have on Stock

Test Module: "LPM 6000"  main electronic   

Sensors for round enamelled wires

  • "LPMV_6002_x"     - 6002 means = 2 pulley system    x for wire range
  • "LPMV_6003_x"     - 6003 means = 3 pulley system

Sensor for rectuangular wires

  • "LPMV_6003_F"    range 1mmx22mm up to 10mmx22mm

Modem: "LPS_Modem_6072" or "LPS_Modem_6096"

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              e-mail: info.feske@online.de

Tel.: +49/ 511/ 352 47 77               H.V. Tester for enameld wire -   Made in Germany