FESKE IsoLINER 9002 - High Voltage Continuity Tester for enamelled wires

THE intelligent Head for the Magnet-Wire-Industry

Advantages: of the FESKE IsoLINER 9002

  • Easy to Install in each Wire Line
  • The High Voltage Unit and Microcontroller are inside the Sensor
  • Relay, Speed and Meter Counters inside the same BOX
  • All contacts you need in one case 
  • 3 Colour -Traffic- LED Display (buildin) for GOOD,Fine, Bad- fault detection
  • NO External Electronic are requiered
  • Network- connectivity from the Intelligent Sensor direct to the PC

    The FESKE IsoLINER makes your customers happy !

    Tested Quality from the Beginning to the End ofSpool

    Order the H.V.- Continuity Tester from the Global Leader FESKE

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