HVC- Tester -  High Voltage Continuity Tester for Magnet Wires

IsoLINER mounted at SICME enamelling machine: 


       Tested Quality from the Beginning to the End of Spool

Ultra fast measurement of:

  • Detecting pinholes in enamelled wires
  • Measure the production- speed
  • Counting of total no. of metres of spool.

Your operator can see the quality (LEDs of IsoLINER) in front of the enamelling machine without to walk to the PC !

Important: Your machine- operator's don't to be an Engineer to understand the LED- display of the FESKE IsoLINER 9002

"Good or Not Good"  that is the question-

 Our Testers are:

              Easy to understand
              Easy to opperate
              Easy to install


Best Choice:   FESKE HVC Tester
                                   working 24 hous a day, 7 days a week - since 25 Years

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